Låttexter: Nicotine. Thank You For Being There.

Everytime when I meet you
You were in that fancy dress
Already had a square meal
I was just disappointed in my first love affair
I wanna say thank you for being there

Sometimes I took some pills to divert my mind
But nothing never ever changed
Other times I went to my shrink to regain my guts
It's a waste of time and meaningless

Last time when I talked to (you) over the telephone
You said something very strange
You were just trying to control your complicated mind
Then I could say nothing for your request

Whenever you are at a loss, I wanna back you up

But sometimes I can't do so well
Even though my words are not so useful
Call me and talk to me on the phone again

Last night when I met you
We were in a gloomy mood
It can't be helped, nobody's there
I was just happy to meet you
Like what you said before
I wanna say thank you for being there